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Fitness for Health Initiative-Africa (FHIA) is an international Non-Governmental Organization based in Nairobi, Kenya working to help mitigate the impact of lifestyle diseases.

FHI-A advocates policies and programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity, with the aim of reducing the illnesses, disabilities, premature deaths, and costs caused by unhealthy diet and inactivity-related diseases-NCDs such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

FHI-A promotes a better understanding of the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and obesity control to the nation's health and healthcare costs. It aims to cultivate champions for nutrition, physical activity, and NCDs prevention in cooperate, gated communities, County and National governments, learning institutions and religeous organizations. Efforts include supporting effective education, awareness and promotional programs, advocating adequate funding for programs, and promoting policy and environmental changes that help Communities eat better and be more active.

Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
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