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How to Personalize Your Workout

Designing your plan isn’t just about selecting good exercises. It’s about picking the best options for your body.

If every workout were created equal, then all plans would deliver the same results and consist of the exact same movements. While most training plans do boil down to some commonalities, there’s a reason why so many of the best bodies in the world are built with very different strategies.

Part of it has to do with understanding the science of strength, muscle, and fat loss.

The other side? Making sense of what you see in the mirror, and how it impacts what exercises are best for your body.

Whether you want to admit it or not, your genetics greatly influence what you should be doing in the gym. Notice I didn’t say how much you could accomplish. This isn’t about excuses of small arms, beer bellies, and chicken legs. No, this is about leveraging a basic understanding of biomechanics and movement to build more muscle.

Put away the science books because here’s the quickest anatomy lesson you’ll ever receive with the best payoff: a better looking body.

Create a Better Workout

Instead of blindly doing the most popular exercises, make sure these movements are right for you. The most popular exercises–bench press, dead lifts, squats, and rows–should be a part of any program. But sometimes, the traditional version of the lift can cause problems or injuries. Part of the solution is fixing the weaknesses that make it harder for you to perform the movements correctly.

Remember the gym is not the only place to exercise; jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, rope skipping are all alternatives to a good work out plan.

December 15, 2015
Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
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