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What Communities Can Do

  • Provide environmental inducements to physical activity, such as safe, accessible, and attractive trails for walking and bicycling, and sidewalks with curb cuts.
  • Open up the school facilities for community recreation, form neighborhood watch groups to increase safety, and encourage malls and other indoor or Protected locations to provide safe places for walking in any weather.
  • Encourage employers to provide supportive worksite environments and policies that offer opportunities for employees to incorporate moderate physical activity into their daily lives.
  • Provide community-based programs to meet the needs of older women, women with disabilities, women of racial and ethnic minority groups, and women with low incomes. Include child care arrangements to encourage the participation of women with children.
  • Encourage health care providers to talk routinely to female patients about incorporating physical activity into their lives.

    Curb Cut Example: enables a cyclist cross from the pavement in to the motorway or vice versa
December 15, 2015
Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
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