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What We Do

We advocated for lifestyle change by promoting physical activity and healthy diet. We engage various sections of the community in this dialogue as follows:

  • County Governments

FHI-A proposes that the national guidelines on physical activity for the general population and specific population groups (e.g. children, adolescents, adults, women, older people, and people with disabilities) be developed. The guidelines are to educate on the frequency, duration, intensity and types of physical activity necessary for health. WHO recommendations will form the basis of the National Physical Activity Guidelines.

  • Corporates

Fitness for Health Initiative –Africa aims at designing recreation and diet related programs that will increase productivity for corporate organizations and for their staff through healthy living. Staff spend most of their time at work hence should make the place pleasant and habitable. By creating recreation programs within the organization that will be utilized by the staff, they will command healthy lifestyle that will improve them physically, socially and psychologically. The same will translate to reduced medical cover claims and premiums for the organization. Moreover there will be less absenteeism due to frequent sicknesses of non communicable nature.
This will come together with motivational speaking, guidance, screenings, inspirations and counseling.

  • Religious Groups

Community Faith based Organizations will educate the public about healthy living and lifestyle change, through bulletins, Church meetings and programs about the project. The Church is part of the planning process.

  • Gated Communities

Gated communities and homes are residential places for most of us. They form a great social environment for our family members comprising of children, youth, adults and the elderly.

By developing recreation facilities at each gated community and home, we will have great social facilities that will impact our lives positively.

This will go a long way to effectively improve community lifestyle physically, socially, psychologically and mentally reducing the prevalence of non communicable diseases.

  • Learning Institutions

Institutions play an important role in talent development, through physical activity and recreation. Majority of children and youths are found in these institutions.

Fitness for health initiative- Africa, is advocating physical activity and healthy dieting to schools as a preventive measure to many lifestyle diseases.

By engaging children and adolescents in healthy dieting and regular physical activity to lower risks of obesity and related chronic diseases.

Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
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