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Who We Are

Fitness for Health Initiative -Africa (FHI-A) is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2013. Its major aim is to help mitigate the impact of lifestyle diseases which are currently on the increase in Kenya.  FHI-A is anchored on a strong social-ecological model as a framework for change as well as healthy active living. The framework focuses on complex interplay between individual, relationship, community, and societal factors. Areas of great need and potential for change include growing healthy children and youth, building healthy communities, championing healthy public policy, promoting public awareness and engagement.

FHI-A aims at facilitating exchange of ideas and discussions for developing appropriate actions for physical activity and healthy diet and hence promoting healthy active living. It also advocates for the facilitation and promotion of mainstreaming of the health and physical activity issues into development plans and strategies. This will be at all levels and sectors. All partners (government, civil society organizations, private sector, media ,development partners, health sector, private fitness centers, policy makers, universities, nutrition centers, non-governmental organizations and the general public) need to engage each other on how best to promote actions aimed at physical activity and healthy diet.


To inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote awareness of physical activity and nutritional health for communities with a view of preventing and alleviating lifestyle diseases, hence contributing to the sustenance and promotion of human health.


To empower and sensitize communities on the need to embrace fitness and nutritional health to combat lifestyle diseases in partnership with valued stakeholders.

Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
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